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We purchase our coffee by the pallet at market price to offer you the freshest and highest quality coffee we can at affordable prices.  Coffee is roasted at our store on a weekly basis.  We offer a wide range of the best coffees across the globe including the best conventional and fair trade varieties available from Africa, South America, and Central America.   Roasting ranges from light, medium, dark, and French. We offer hot coffee or iced cold pressed!


Coffee is sold in bulk and also with the option of already packaged.  The customer can put together their own blends or buy our own special blends found only at our store. 


We brew and also serve coffee by the cup at our store.  Coffee catering is also available at a reasonable price.   Enjoy a coffee drink and ice cream at one of our booths.  Bring your lap top computer or tablet and access our Wi-Fi connection.

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